Same Day delivery for your
local business or startup

Urban Delivery offers your business a white labeled delivery solution. Giving your business the ability to keep your brand, and let us handle the deliveries. We offer our partners the ability to utilize our mobile technology to better serve their customers and eliminate the headache of delivery. Build your brand and sell more product.

Deliver Your Product to Your Customers Locally

Cutting edge logistical solutions that enable start ups & local businesses to deliver to their customers.

We offer the flexibility to fulfill deliveries to your customers on a pre-scheduled or on-demand basis.

Simple Integration

Place orders online or via e-mail. That's it!

Stay Notified

Track deliveries via GPS and receive text notification each time an item is picked up or dropped to one of your customers.

White-label Delivery

Keep your brand, sell more product.

Get Delivering!

Drop us a message. We will get back to you in 24 hours.